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Version 1.5
[*CHANGES] A new window is shown when trying to close the program and there are many modified tabs. Tooltip names that are longer than 10 chars are automatically truncated in the tabs (this doesn't affect the name, only the tab title) The program window is now resizeable [*BUGFIXES] Fixed a bug with generating w3 color codes. Fixed a bug that would wrongly put the text of "Tooltip Basic" always into the Source of the first tab. -- Full change log coming soon. ----------- Version 1.4 [*CHANGES] Removed Window menu, now tab list appears on the tab control. Now if a file that is on the favorites list doesn't exist it shows with a gray font. Merged 'Convert' and 'Recreate RTF' button into one. the action that gets executed depends on the active tab (editor or source) Added a popup menu on the tabs. On program closing a new form shows when there are multiple unsaved tabs. Added a color picker Added option to insert gradient text Added option to edit custom map strings Added tray icon [*BUGFIXES] Fixed the save toolbar button that would wrongly offer you to save your work as a tooltip project instead of a file Fixed a bug with the generation of w3 codes, which wouyld wrongly add a CRLF at the end of the string. Fixed a bug with the generation of w3 codes. ----------- Version 1.3 [*BUGFIXES] Fixed a bug where the program would close without prompting. Fixed a bug where the program would load by mistake a file into a new tab where it should have been loaded into the active one. Fixed a bug with Source code generator, that would wrongly skip a CRLF if it's color wasnt the default one (white) [*CHANGES] Added Tools Menu Moved "Insert skill levels" to the tools menu. Added Feature to preview tooltips in a warcraft-ish window. Added option to create tooltips on warcraft-ish window. (realtime preview) Added "Reopen" feature which keeps a list of the latest tooltip files you've opened. Caption changes depending on open file name and on open tab. New about form (lol) Added option to pick "Primary Color" and "Secondary Color" and swap them through shortcuts Added option to change the interval which "quick color picker" needs to be without focus to closes Made the Quick color picker form less transparent. Changed the editor color to white and made their background dark blue. Added function to replace a color with another on an editor. Added CTRL+E hotkey to swap between "Editor" and "Source" tab. Added form to change hotkeys. Added Save and Save project buttons on the toolbar. Removed toolbar items caption. Added favorites